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It was heartwarming and inspiring to hear the struggles others have been through, and amazing to hear their beautiful voices with full openness and authenticity.

 -- Esalen participant

I never thought I would love the daily writing so much.

-- SF Zen Center participant

All workshops combine guided mindfulness exercises with bursts of prompted free writing and discussion of writing craft.

There is always ample opportunity to share your work in a supportive environment. 


A 4-week workshop
online through
SF Zen Center
January 1-February 5
2 pm - 4 pm

Cultivate a daily writing and a daily meditation practice in this 4-week Writing & Mindfulness online class.

a four-day writing & wellness retreat
at the hermitage 
in big sur
February 9 - 13, 2023

co-led with wellness expert & certified yoga instructor Saeeda Hafiz

Join us at this silent monastery overlooking the Big Sur coast for a four-day retreat designed to nourish the whole writer. Meditation, yoga, wellness practices, as well as plenty of uninterrupted time to write.

Farming copy.jpg

A five-day writing & Wellness retreat
at Esalen institute
big sur
March 27 -31, 2023

co-led with wellness expert & certified yoga instructor saeeda Hafiz

Five days of writing, meditation, yoga, and wellness practices designed to support and nourish the whole writer. Plus, access to all the amenities (natural hot springs, massage, experiential workshops) of Esalen.

A five-day writing & meditation retreat
at Green gulch farm
muir beach

May 1 - 5, 2023

Designed to give you maximum time to write, this retreat incorporates meditation and mindfulness practices along with craft talks.

Take advantage of Green Gulch's gardens and hiking trails to inspire your writing. Then gather in the evening to share what you've been working on. 

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