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Writing & mindfulness:

How a mindfulness practice can make you a better writer

It is the writer's job to faithfully render the world on the page--a task that's nearly impossible if we're not paying attention to the world. A consistent meditation practice not only allows us see the world as it is, it also reshapes our brains in ways that support our writing. A daily writing practice makes us better writers, because the more we write, the better we write.

Using a combination of guided meditations (meant to nourish creativity and improve writing skill), craft talks, and free writing, this workshop will encourage and support a daily meditation and writing practice.

Every participant in the workshop will be given a one month’s membership in the daily writing app, Creative Caffeine Daily (a $40 value). Creative Caffeine Daily uses daily prompts and weekly partners to motivate and inspire writers. 

This workshop works equally well online in weekly sessions, as it does as an in-person multi-day retreat. An abbreviated version can be taught as an in-person day-long.

"I never imagined I would love the daily writing so much!"

- San Francisco Zen Center participant

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