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Writing & Mindfulness:

for front-line workers and caregivers

Over the past 18 months, front-line workers (doctors, nurses, clinicians, teachers, essential service workers), as well as caregivers have been confronted with sometimes overwhelming challenges and stress. 

This half-day workshop is designed to show front-line workers and caregivers how to use a daily mindfulness--as well as a daily writing--practice, to ground and center them amidst even the most trying times.

Borrowing from the guided meditations and prompted free writing used in the A Practice for Navigating Difficult Times workshop, this half-day session will give these workers and caregivers the tools they need to cope with current challenges.

This workshop is provided at no charge for groups of essential workers and caregivers. It can be offered either in-person or online.

I'm going into the rest of my day feeling more calm and at peace than I have all week, and feeling a new resolve to commit to a daily meditation and free writing practice." 

- Half-day participant

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